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At Leathertech we provide a range of leather care services to suit your Leather type.

Our Services Include

  Cleaning and Protecting


  Colour Restoration

Scratch Removal

Most of our leather cleaning & restoration services are carried out on site. You can use your furniture straight away.

We have tried & tested many leather cleaning & restoration products. We use the best available for excellent and lasting results. All our restoration work comes with a 6 month guarantee.

Call us for answers to many problems like:

Dye transfer stains

How to deep clean

Removing nail varnish

Information on buying Leather furniture

The products we use have been selected through years of trial and we have found them to be the best.

We can even call to you and show you how to properly maintain your new or old leather.

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Cleaning and Protecting

At Leathertech we provide a range of leather cleaning & restoration services to suit your Leather type.

Most of our Leather cleaning & restoration services can be carried out on site.

Your furniture can be used straight away.

We only use the best available cleaning products which give excellent and lasting results.

All our cleaning products are

Tried and tested

Water based

Completely safe for children & pets

Our Cleaning Services include:

Cleaning & Protecting

  Ink removal – new & old

Nail Varnish removal

Oil & Grease Removal


Over time, leather has a tendency to dry out and crack. We can bring your old leather back to life; reinvigorated and attractive by using tried and tested methods.

Leather reconditioning can be carried out on site and there is no downtime involved so you can use your furniture straight away.

If requested, we can also provide a maintenance plan to help you ensure your newly conditioned leather furniture is kept in good shape.

Colour Restoration

How do we recolour leather?

(This process is for pigmented leather. Other processes are used for aniline leather.)

Your leather is thoroughly cleaned & prepared for the introduction of the matching pigment.

The colour pigment is made up on site during daylight to get as close to an exact match as possible.

When we have achieved as close to an exact match as possible

The matching pigment is applied to the prepared leather

The pigment will need a finish to seal in the colour

Then the sheen is adjusted to match the rest of the leather.

When dry

A protector is applied and it’s finished.

Leather recoloring needs 24 hours to fully cure.

Small touch up work can be carried out in your home or business.

All our restoration work carries a 6 month guarantee.

Scratch Removal

Scratches are particularly common in households with pets. LeatherTech can effectively remove all types of scratches.

Pigmented leather repairs very well, so much so you may not even know the damage was there in the first place. The scratches are removed and the area is recoloured to make a near invisible repair.

Small holes and tears

If there are holes or tears in the leather we can repair them with a flexible leather filler and emboss a matching grain on top, recolour, seal and protect.

If you have other leather types the process can be more difficult to achieve a good result. Call us to see what we can do for you

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