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Based in Dublin 3 and established with over 20 years of experience, LeatherTech is one of Dublin’s leading leather cleaning, protection, and reconditioning services, bringing life back into your leather furniture with ease. We work on-site and from our Killester workshop, visiting your home to provide all services at great prices guaranteed.
From minor stain removal to full reconditioning services for decades-old leather sofas, we have years of experience offering gentle but effective leather cleaning services with visible results. Using tried and tested methods and working layer by layer to effectively remove dirt, grease, and stain build-up, we ensure a highly successful cleaning service without damaging the structure or aesthetic of your furniture. We work with all types of leathers including pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck leather, and suede, using specialised methods for each one to ensure optimum results.

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Leather Cleaning

LeatherTech offers specialist, on-site leather cleaning for customers all over the Greater Dublin Area, working with all kinds of leather furniture to restore your pieces back to their former glory. Using gentle but effective leather cleaning techniques and products, the LeatherTech team works slowly, going through your furniture layer by layer to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains without damaging the structure or aesthetic of your suite. As well as removing general stains and grime, we provide full degreasing, reconditioning, and protective services to introduce moisture, shine, and natural oils back into your leather furniture. With a team of highly trained and experienced leather cleaners, you can rest assured of a reliable and professional job with visible results.

Leather Protection

Following a leather cleaning service, protecting your furniture to ensure that it remains looking and feeling great for years to come is a must. LeatherTech provides specialised leather protection services, using a range of different products and protection creams to offer general protection as well as UV protection. Our leather protection services are tailored to suit pigmented leather, aniline leather, nubuck leather, and suede. By protecting your leather furniture from the outside, you can ensure the retention of oils, moisture, and shine for a better looking, and better feeling, piece of furniture.

Leather Reconditioning

Leather reconditioning is a service that refers to the restoration of moisture and oils in leather and is especially suitable for older aniline leathers that are cracked, dried out, and worn. Here at LeatherTech, we offer leather reconditioning as a standalone service or as part of a leather cleaning service, working with even the oldest and driest of leather furniture suites to bring them back to their former look and feel. All of our leather reconditioning can be done from the comfort of your own home, with our team travelling across the Greater Dublin Area for clients. All leather reconditioning services are followed by a leather protection service to ensure the aesthetic, tactile, and structural longevity of your furniture.


Understanding how best to care for leather furniture is the best way to ensure the longevity of your suite. Here at LeatherTech, our two decades of industry experience have made us experts in the field of caring for all types of leather. We are happy to offer advice and recommendations to anyone who needs it, helping you to care for all types of leather with ease. Our free, phone advisory services are recommended for customers dealing with leather furniture dye transfer stains, makeup stains, nail varnish stains, ink stains, deep cleaning questions, or those who just need some pre-purchase advice. We also advise ringing for advice before hiring our services to ensure that our leather cleaning, protection, or reconditioning services are suitable for your specific piece of furniture.

Leather Cleaning Products

While technique is important, using high-quality leather cleaning products is the best way to ensure that the leather on your furniture remains looking and feeling great is equally important. LeatherTech stocks a range of professional leather cleaning products suitable for use on almost all types of leather furniture, helping you to clean and restore leather at home for a fraction of the cost. To learn more about our full range of leather cleaning products, simply get in touch to order- we’d be happy to help.

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LeatherTech FAQ

  • I’m looking for a company that offers leather cleaning near me. Where are you based?

    Leathertech is a Dublin leather cleaning service based in Dublin 3 and Dublin 5. We offer on-site leather cleaning across the Greater Dublin area, travelling to your home to provide our cleaning services.

  • How often should I clean a leather sofa?

    Depending on how much the sofa is used, leather should be wiped down with a gentle cleaner every 2-4 weeks and professionally cleaned/deep cleaned once per year.

  • How do I care for leather?

    This all depends on the type of leather in question. In general, leather should be wiped down with a damp cloth or very gentle cleaner every few weeks and conditioned every 6 months to one year depending on use, to restore lost oils and moisture. For more in-depth information on leather care, get in touch with our team today.

  • How long does leather furniture last?

    With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality leather sofa can last anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime. Cheaper leather sofas generally last up to 5-10 years.

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